I created st. Moran to reimagine classic jewelry with a bold contemporary feel. Think a simple strand of pearls, juxtaposed against a golden curb chain. Your basic chain necklace amplified in proportions. A bangle with just the right amount of chunkiness. It's the power of a single accessory to transform your look. We call it bold minimalism. And it's all about minimal effort, maximal impact.

Saint is the perfection; Moran is the edgy entrepreneur and immigrant. Born in Israel and raised in the US, I spent twenty years in the fashion industry in New York before launching my signature jewelry collection.

I simply wanted more out of jewelry. The choices in the market were either disposable costume or very cost prohibitive - sometimes real, yet sometimes faux - pieces. My goal with st. Moran is to offer the best of both, jewelry with substance that doesn’t cost a fortune. The highest quality costume jewelry in the market, plated to perfection, mostly water resistant, and.... always with real stones. Jewelry that has an element of the earth, produced and mined ethically, with real, lasting quality. And a lifetime warranty.

My style. It is uptown meets downtown. High meets low. Pretty meets gritty. I like playing with contradictions, such as mixing staid pearls with street chains. Our team is based in Miami, and we're building this brand one order at a time. Thank you for visiting our site and reading my story.