Inspired by Blake Lively: Get the Look

Inspired by Blake Lively: Get the Look

Get The Look: How to Create Blake Lively Style 

We’ve all seen it… the celebrity outfit the world just can’t get enough of. Swept across the internet, praised in magazines, and sent across every social media platform, the iconic outfit has become hard to ignore. You know the one:

Blake Lively’s Super Bowl LVII outfit. 

To be utterly frank, most fashion obsessives would do just about anything for even a peak into Blake Lively’s highly coveted closet. Whether you’re yearning for a taste of nostalgia from a Serena Van Der Woodsen original or just want to see what she slips into day to day, Blake Lively's closet is a museum most people would pay to go to.  

While Lively attended this year's Super Bowl in a star-studded suite alongside fellow A-list celebs like Taylor Swift, Ice Spice, and Lana Del Ray, something about Blake Lively’s outfit stood out against the rest. Perhaps it was her gorgeous locks, the Adidas tracksuit (including the shoes that are *actually* pants), or the endless sea of gold jewelry adorning her from head to toe. It embodied the perfect mix of effortlessly cool and unapologetically glamourous – or as we like to say at st. Moran:

A little precious and a little rebellious. 

Blake Lively Fashion: st. Moran Style 

Still not sure where to start? Not to worry, we’re here to help. Let’s start at the beginning. 

First, pick a chunky gold necklace: The Azlin Gold

Your hunt for the perfect chunky gold necklace ends here. The Azlin Gold Necklace flawlessly lanches your Blake Lively-inspired Super Bowl recreation. A bold necklace with a bold statement, this ambitious chain was made to be noticed. Minimal effort. Maximal impact.   

Our favorite way to accessorize. 

Next, pair a chunky gold bracelet: The Auguste Gold Bangle 

The Auguste Gold Bangle creates an infinite sea of luxurious allure. Think of the Auguste like your classic gold bangle but brought back to life with a vengeance. An accessory that is not bound by limits but designed to defy them.

Make it your own.

We’ve looked to celebrities for decades for style inspiration and outfit recreations, but at st. Moran, we encourage you to do it your way. Let’s look at some Blake Lively-inspired pieces to create your own distinguished look.

The Phoebe Necklace

Not ready to surrender to the power of the Azlin? We recommend the Phoebe necklace as the perfect alternative. Gently bold and immensely dreamy, the Phoebe demands an infinite impression with just three layers of fluid gold chain. 

The Henri Bangle

Boasting a chunkier profile than the Auguste Bangle and adorned with added gemstones, the Henri bangle holds the capacity for ultimate influence. Stack with our Auguste cuff to create a captivating statement that doesn’t hold back.

The Phoebe Bracelet

Why stop there? Like its counterpart the Phoebe necklace, the Phoebe bracelet provides a softening outlet to the mix. Add the Phoebe bracelet to your current stack to create a layer of dimension and continue building your sea of gold.

The Dylan Cuff 

A good cuff is hard to resist. It’s easy to add and impossible to miss. Universal enough to be paired with multiple styles, we recommend wearing it with our Azlin necklace, Dakota cuff, or Auguste Bangle.

The Dakota Cuff

Keeping up with the cuffs, think of the Dakota as the Dylan’s *slightly* more humble BFF. Like all of our pieces, the Dakota Cuff is bold enough to be worn alone but won’t dominate your stack – we recommend pairing it with the Dylan Cuff because best friends are better together, don’t you think?

Silver jewelry more your style?

Grab the Azlin Necklace, Auguste Bangle, and Dylan Cuff in silver if it better suits you.

You officially have all the intel you need to pass the Blake Lively Cool Girl test. Whether you want to experiment with a single piece and see how it feels or jump right into the deep sea of accessories, our pieces take you there in a way that feels like you. 

Ready to bring out the precious rebel in yourself? 

Confidently conquer Blake Lively's “cool girl style” in a few simple steps. 

  1. Juxtapose: If you think a sea of chunky gold jewelry wouldn’t work with your faithful Adidas tracksuit, think again: if Blake can do it, so can you. Simply pair two items together that you don’t originally consider a good match. Pair high and low, quiet and loud, archival and present. You’d be surprised to discover that while these pieces might contradict each other they also still complement each other and add depth to your outfit. 
  2. Layer: Push past your initial limits – just when you think you’ve layered enough pieces, add a few more for good measure. Stick with the theme of juxtaposition and don’t be afraid to layer pieces you think wouldn’t be conventionally paired. When it comes to layering your jewelry, more is more. (We tried counting how many bracelets Lively stacked together for the Super Bowl and we couldn’t conjure up a number. Let’s stick with upwards of 10).
  3. Have Confidence: Style is meant to be an expression of yourself – choose what you like and carry your creation with confidence. Remember, you wear your jewelry – it doesn’t wear you. As long as it makes you feel your best, you’ve done it right 

The great thing about experimenting with your jewelry? You don’t need the exact pieces to achieve the overall look. Let’s face it: Blake Lively is in no business of blending in – and neither are you. At st. Moran, our pieces were made to stand out. Strong enough to be worn on their own yet versatile enough to be worn together, our pieces offer endless style pairings to elevate any outfit. With high-quality materials, clean metals, and real gemstones, our jewelry was designed to last. 

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