Pearl World: Your Most Reached for Accessory Isn’t Going Anywhere

Pearl World: Your Most Reached for Accessory Isn’t Going Anywhere

If you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of attention to fashion trends over the last few years, you’ve probably noticed pearls are back and better than ever. And yes, they’re here to stay.

Whether you adore a classic string of pearls or crave some unique modernity, st. Moran has all the pearls you’ve been longing for – made for the maximalist, minimalist, and everyone in between. Let’s take a peek at some of our favorites.  

Pearls for Every Occasion…

Pearl Necklaces for the Maximalist

Looking for a piece that exudes power but remains poised? The Freshwater Pearl Ambrose Lariat helps you achieve the coveted ‘sophistication meets seduction’ look. With a bold gold chain and a light dusting of pearls, the Ambrose lariat screams quiet indulgence

Hot tip: Wear the lariat down your back to unlock an even stronger element of edge. 

If you’re in the mood for subtle extravagance, the Freshwater Pearl Gabriela Necklace is just what you need. With three glorious strands of pearls draped luxuriously across the neck, the Gabriela gives you your proper dose of glamour without jeopardizing your elegance. 

Or maybe you’re looking for a momentous piece to rival the rest… Look no further than the Freshwater Pearl Aragon Necklace. Three necklaces, in one. The Aragon features two gold curb chains and a pearl rosary necklace. Rumor has it that if you play your cards right, it will answer your prayers. 


Pearl Necklaces for the Minimalist

The Freshwater Pearl Michel Necklace is sweetness in an accessory. A single delicate strand of romantic freshwater pearls for when you just need a *little* extra something to carry you throughout your days. 

If you love the ever-classic single strand of pearls but are lusting for something more exaggerated, you’ll want to grab the Freshwater Pearl Joni Necklace. The Joni features a single strange of double-knotted, hand-picked genuine Baroque freshwater pearls. Think your grandmother’s pearls, upgraded.

Pearl Necklaces for Everyone In Between

At st. Moran, we want you to be able to pick a piece that fits all your moods, even when they feel conflicting. When we were dreaming up the perfect mix of precious & rebellious, the Freshwater Pearl Angelos Necklace was born. The Angelos is split evenly into two halves: a brilliant gold chain meets a radiant strand of freshwater pearls for a flawless balance of opulence and simplicity. 

If you’re feeling a little more precious and a little less rebellious… grab the Freshwater Pearl Celeste Necklace. A rich heavenly mix that takes you exactly where you want to go with confidence and charisma.

If you’re feeling a little more rebellious and a little less precious… we recommend the Freshwater Pearl Vicente Necklace. A strong curb chain delicately adorned with lustrous freshwater pearls, the Vicente is the ultimate power play when you want to make a shocking impact and leave a charming impression.

Make It a Pearl Set: Pearl Bracelets & Earrings

Our pearls don’t just stop at the neck… the iconic Freshwater Pearl Angelos Necklace comes in a bracelet to match – wear it with the Freshwater Pearls Angelos Bracelet and you’ve achieved the perfect pair pearl set. 

And who could forget earrings?! Our Freshwater Pearl Capri Hoops are one of our best sellers thanks to their luminous collision of chubby gold and baroque pearls

Or channel your inner goddess with the Freshwater Pearl Venus Earrings for the idyllic collision of street and ocean. 

Pearl 101: Sourcing, Authenticity, & History

At st. Moran, we value quality about all else. All of the pearls we use are genuine freshwater pearls sourced in South Asia and India. We curate gemstones and create pieces designed to stand the test of time. 

P.S. Did you know you can tell if pearls are real or fake by running them along the bottom of your teeth? If they feel rough and sandy, they’re real! If they feel smooth, they’re fake. Unsanitary? Maybe a little, but the more you know…! 

Pearl jewelry has existed around for hundreds and hundreds of years and holds special meaning to different cultures all over the world. Ancient Greeks once believed that pearls were the tears of Gods. To the Romans, pearls represented prosperity and power, but to the Chinese pearls symbolized wealth, purity, and femininity. 

The beauty of pearls is they can symbolize whatever you dream of. Whether you want to exude power and abundance or tap into your feminine energy… pearls take you there with the power of a single accessory.

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